Thursday, September 25, 2008

Industry hope dooms in West Bengal

Since last two years, people of West Bengal along with whole country is waiting eagerly for the Tata's much awaited Nano car to roll out on the Indian roads. In this long duration, much has happened and now Tata is almost in the verge of saying bye to the state.
If Tata moves out of the state, it will be the loss of the state and not for Tata. If the people of Singur were unwilling to hand over their lands then why did not Mamata come out for them in the beginning before the project started? Now, if she is fighting for the cause of the poor farmers then she should ensure that these farmers do not starve after the Nano project moves out of the state.
Even now, lots of farmers are starving and suffering from malnutrition. Who will take their responsibility? If the Tata Motors leaves Singur, then also the farmers cannot dream of getting back their land. Then what is the use of this protest? Even if they get back their farming land, these lands will not yield any crops.
On the other side, if Tata stays back, at least a single member of a family will get employment and then can have two times food. Now, it is the time to decide what they actually want to have....

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