Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bhuvan Pahar, pilgrim spot in Assam

Bhuvan Pahar is situated in the north-eastern state of Assam. This is famous for the Shiva temple situated at the top of this hill, where thousands of people from various parts of the state visit during Maha Shivratri and Dol Purnima to worship Lord Shiva. This hill is situated almost 50 km away from the town Silchar of Assam. This is a very significant pilgrimage place of Assam. One can reach the foot of the hills by bus or any private car. The nearest town is Silchar, from where bus services are offered during Shivratri and Dol Purnima. From Motinagar, a small place at the foot of the hill, one can either take small car or start walking upto Panichowki. From this place, the pilgrims can only walk and no vehicle can go beyond this place. Many Khasi families live at Panichowki and earn their livelihood by selling paan and supari . It takes almost 3 to 4 hours to climb the hill and to reach the place where the famous Shiva temple is situated. On the way, there lies a renowned Lakshmi cave temple. It is believed that only virtuous and devoted people can reach there. But many people do not take the risk and directly approach towards the Bhuvan Baba's temple at the top. It is an amazing experience to pass a whole night at the top oh this hill from where a far view of the Mizoram hills can be watched. It is also better to spend a night there as it becomes very tiresome to return on the same day. People usually climb the hill with sticks on their hand to support as it is very steep. The pilgrims sometime take some packed food with them and few prepare their food going there, which becomes more or less like a picnic. Some local vendors also set up their stalls during this season.


Debasish said...

Will you please tell the approx height of Bhuban Pahar.

anjali c said...

very nice post! I used to follow the fasting on this day and chant lingashtakam with devotion. But can you tell me how many times should we chant it on that day?

Unknown said...

Amazing experience climbing BHUVAN PAHAR.