Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kites, flies with International stunts

Millions of hearts waited to see the “Kites” fly with Hrithik Roshan and Barabara Mori. At last, on 21st May it flew with all hopes and ambitions only to land in the not good story region. The film has good songs, eye catching locales, international level stunts, good actors like Kabir Bedi, Kangana Ranaut to support the lead actors. But still the nothing exceptional storyline made it a usual flick.

Lots have been said and rumored about the Mori-Roshan relation and their intimate scenes in the movie. But now, only movies storyline and acting will speak. Hrithik has again excelled with his extraordinary dancing steps but Kangana has probably got the first chance to show that she is also good dancer who can stand opposite this dancing hero. But, the actress did not get much to show her acting capability here.

One of the finest actors in India Kabir Bedi had only few minutes of screen presence. This veteran actor is probably taken only for his International brand value. Barbara, who has debuted in Bollywood with this film, has only grinned in the first half and her acting talent is discovered only in the second half of the movie.

It is a love story with a pinch of stunt and action. Stunts were no doubt excellent and done very aesthetically. All of them were exciting and mind-blowing.

Scenic beauty of Mexico countryside has been captured nicely by the cameraperson. Songs have the power to hit the score high around the year. But the movie fails with its conventional storyline with only exception to have a Spanish speaking leading lady. It reminds us the Kamal Hassan’s film “Ek Duje Ke Liye” with Rati playing opposite him, where both the lovers do not understand each other’s language.

“Kites” is a film mainly targeted to the International audience. Many of the Indian audience probably cannot well accept the way it is presented.

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