Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dhamail, popular folk dance of Barak Valley

Dhamail is a popular folk dance of Barak Valley, which has its origin in Sylhet district of Bangladesh. Radha Raman Dutta (born 1833, died 1915), also known as Radha Romon, Bhaibe Radha Romon or Radha Raman, was an influential Sylheti folk music composer and poet from the Sunamganj District in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is considered as the father of dhamail folk dance and music.

Now, this dance form is diminishing and losing its glamour in the age of multimedia. But, it still survives three districts of Assam, Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi. Tripura, the neighbouring state of Assam also has some traces of this folk dance.

Dhamail dance is performed by a group of ladies. Ladies move in circle clapping their hands to the beat of the music. The songs are first sung by the leader and then the others join the chorus. The ladies wear sari in Bengali style while performing this dance form. The lyrics mainly relate to Shyam (Krishna) and Radha. Gradually the beat/tempo increases and finally reaches the cresendo. Breaks are then given so that the ladies can have paan and guava or tea.

The dance form is performed during almost every occasion. The dhamail songs vary from festival to festival. For marriages, annaprasan, Dol Purnima, there are different lyrics of dhamail songs. In fact, every ritual of marriage has a different dhamail song. This dance form do not include any other instruments apart from hand claps and sometimes 'karatal' is used.

In the age of modernisation, youths are loosing interest in this ancient dance form. But, it is very necessary for us to keep it alive so that next generation do not read it only in history books.

Famous Songs by Radha Romon

* Bhromor Koio Giya
* Kare Dhekabo Moner Dhukko
* Sham Chikon Kalia
* Bologo Bologo Shoki
* Moneh nai Moneh nai
* Jole Jaio na Gho Rai
* Oh Bashi re
* Sham Na Ki Cholila
* Jole Gia Chilam Shoi
* Ami Robo na Robo na Grihe...

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