Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog kid stars get flats, no education...!!!

After the success story of the British director Danny Boyle's film "Slumdog Millionaire", two children of the slum, who acted in the film became lucky to earn an announcement from Government allowing flat to each of them. But, is it enough? Will it serve the purpose at all? These children, who do not get three times proper meal and basic education, will now reside in flats. But, who will take care of their basic education and healthcare that is completely neglected in any of Indian slum area. Even if, these two children get their part, what about the rest of others?

There are lakhs of children still striving for food in slum area of the country. But, they do not attract the attention of the Ministers and government untill and unless any foreign director come to make a film on them. My question is that why these slums should exist at all? When the country speaks of globalistaion of economy and luxury cars, there are still people who have not the basic right to have three times meal.

India have millionaires and billionaires who are awarded with lots of pomp and gaity. But these people do not have minimum sense of responsibility to make the country overall deveoped. If each of them could take responsibilty of atleast of such child, there could have been a little difference.

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